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what's in the crate?

up to 110 Premium 3D Courses

- James Harvey Robinson

At Go2 Golf, we've introduced the Go2 Cheetah High Speed Electronic Camera System. The Go2 Cheetah analyzes ball characteristics at a rate of thousands of images per second.

Go2 Cheetah High Speed Camera System

Go2 Full Putting Turf

What does this mean for you?

REGULAR BALL:  GO2-3000 captures any regular golf ball in mid-flight and does not require the use of a marked ball. In others words, no specialized ball to purchase ... you play with the ball you're accustomed to using on the course. 

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                             is our new generation High Speed Electronic Camera System that analyzes ball characteristics at thousands of frames per second. See our 'Simulator Magic Revealed' section below for more details.

of the most advanced technology in golf simulation

ENHANCED GRAPHICS:  We offer over 100 premium courses in enhanced 'Brilliant 3D' graphics for exceptionally realistic game or practice play. Course details are accurate right down to the tee blocks.

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Complete accuracy and precision. The Cheetah, in combination with our invisible infrared reflection sensor system, analyzes launch angle, back spin, side spin, carry, roll and bounce to ensure unrivaled accuracy for every type of shot, from 400 yard drives to 10 yard shanks.

                            is our premium memory foam surface that allows you to putt into a real cup in order to get the unmistakable feel of a real green.

We bring golf to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our objective is to create an unrivaled playing experience by realistically simulating every aspect of the game. Here's how we do it ...


s i m u l a t o r   m a g i c    r e v e a l e d

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